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Improving MPG with hydrogen/oxygen

  1. Jan 22, 2010 #1
    If you use the alternator to hydrolysis water and then run the oxygen/hydrogen into the engine, is there any way for this to improve your gas mileage? I know that many such devices exist, but on the surface it appears that energy must be lost. Energy from the gasoline is hydrolyzing the water, and then energy is regained from these byproducts of hydrolysis. But this amount of energy must be less than the original input. The only alternate I can imagine is that a combination of hydrogen and gasoline in the engine causes the gasoline to burn more effectively, creating a net MPG benefit.
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    The injection of hydrogen is very small, and the primary effect is to improve your driving habits, with the result that you may get better mpg.
    Bob S
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    Also correct

    The only alternative is that they are a con
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