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(In)direct CP Violation

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    Can someone explain or give any ref. where I can find the difference between Indirect and Direct CP violations?
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    Indirect CP violation is asymmetry in neutral meson mixing. It is "indirect" because the processes ##P^0\rightarrow\overline{P}^0## and ##\overline{P}^0\rightarrow P^0## are both CP-conjugate and T-conjugate, so CP-violation is only implied, and the asymmetry could be due to T-violation

    Direct CP violation is asymmetry between CP-conjugate decays, i.e. ##\Gamma(P^0\rightarrow f)\neq\Gamma(\overline{P}^0\rightarrow \overline{f})##. Clearly these decays are not T-conjugate, so this is a direct measurement of CP-violation.
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