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In need of academic guidance mathwise

  1. Nov 22, 2009 #1
    Do you think I'm at a slow pace for learning my math or does it sound right given the situation?
    I go to a 2 year college, I took algebra 1, and dropped the class because I didn't want to get a C, and some of it I wasn't understanding at the time, but I understand all of it now, so I skipped it and went to algebra 2, now in algebra 2 I know how to do any and all problems from algebra 1, but I'm having trouble with algebra 2, barely getting a C and dropped that class as well. So I've spent 2 semesters and gotten no where grade wise, but I've come close to mastering both classes because after I dropped I finished the book and still go to class for the lecture.
    The situation is that, before I started 2 year college, I never had any math, I was home schooled and lived on a farm, and never was required to really learn any math whatsoever to somehow earn a GED on home school. I'm not sure if It's my back ground in mathematics or if it's something else
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  3. Nov 22, 2009 #2
    Given that you lack a strong mathematical foundation it seems only natural that you might have difficulties now, so don't get discouraged! How much time did you allocate to your studies each week? What does your studying comprise of? What in algebra 2 is giving you difficulty? More information would help others help others in providing useful information.

    You seem to be motivated, with that you will go a long way.
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