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PBC Academic (Bulgarian: ПБК "Академик") was a Bulgarian professional basketball club based in the capital Sofia. They played their home games at the Universiade Hall or at the Pravets sports complex.
Founded in 1947 as part of the Academic Sofia sports club, they have won the championship of Bulgaria 26 times, won the Bulgarian Cup 11 times and won the Bulgarian Super Cup 1 time. Among their international honours are two FIBA European Champions Cup finals (both lost to Rīgas ASK) in 1958 and 1959 and an International Students' Cup in 1957.
In 2000, the team were renamed Lukoil Academic as a sponsorship deal was signed with Russian oil giant Lukoil, and quickly established themselves as dominant in the Bulgarian Championship. Since then they have been a regular ULEB Cup participant, and won the FIBA Europe Regional Challenge Cup Conference South in 2003.
In September 2020, Academic withdrew from the NBL and announced that it will no longer maintain a professional team.

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  1. D

    Physics Anxious about majoring in physics — considering a switch to engineering

    Hi all, I am a first year student at the University of Notre Dame, and I will be choosing classes for first semester second year in a week or so. I am currently a physics major, but am getting anxious as the time to “commit” approaches. I came in not knowing what I wanted to do as a career...
  2. S

    Programs Meteorologists/atmospheric scientists - structure of the study

    I'm not sure if this is the correct thread, so please accept my apologies if I've posted in the wrong section. My question is for meteorologists and atmospheric scientists who did their undergraduate degree in different, but related fields, such as physics, chemistry, Earth science, etc. and...
  3. astroman707

    Programs Difference between an astronomy and astrophysics PhD?

    Is there really much of a difference between an astronomy PhD and an astrophysics PhD? There seems to be a lot of overlap in the fields, and it seems that both can qualify you for many of the same careers, it just depends on the PhD focus. For an example, I'm very interested in almost all areas...
  4. T

    Other Selecting a career with my BS in Applied Mathematics, BS in Physics and minor in Computer Science

    This may be better suited in the academic forum, or possibly not even the normal type of question asked, but I was just judging based on other similar posts. I just graduated from college this past spring with a BS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Physics, as well as a minor in computer...
  5. starstruck_

    Studying Anyone who struggled to understand E&M at first, any tips?

    hey! It's me again. For anyone who has been answering my questions // looking at my posts (thank you), you've probably already been aware that I never touched electricity in high school - the last time I did electricity and magnetism was in grade 11 and I couldn't solve a single circuit...
  6. starstruck_

    "Forgetting" physics concepts?

    Has anyone ever uh forgotten physics concepts? I'm kinda panicking right now because last term during the mechanics part of my 1st year physics course, there were concepts I KNOW I understood - like circular orbits of satellites or angular motion but yesterday I was trying to explain orbital...
  7. E

    Schools Grad School Advice -- Physics MS or PhD?

    I am going to be majoring in Engineering Physics at the School of Mines in Colorado. I also want to major in CS, seeing as I am a female and already considered worth less than my male counterparts [salary-wise]. I might be thinking ahead, I am taking the required science still to get into a...
  8. A

    Studying Mathematical prerequisites for General Relativity

    I am a working professional trying to get back to some physics that I used to enjoy a couple of decades ago. I still do remember the basic calculus (integrals, partial derivatives, basic ODE) and am interested in studying General Relativity. I have a decent understanding and memory of Special...
  9. S

    Programs PhD programs -- I’m interested in both astrophysics and AMO physics

    Hi everyone, l have a situation and l thought you could help me. Actually, l live in the U.S. and want to apply for several phd programs, but I’m interested in both astrophysics and AMO physics, and l can’t decide which track l should pursue a phd in. I’ve talked to several professors from my...
  10. K

    A What is the best program for MSEM? Student Request

    My research requires using the multilevel structural equation model (MSEM). I've read countless articles related to MSEM and I have not been able to pinpoint the best program. They vary from SPSS, MPlus, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, R2, etc. Any recommendations? I've asked around my academic circle and...
  11. GiantSheeps

    Courses Taking Multivariable calc after AP calc AB

    I am going to be a freshman in college and I intend to major in astrophysics. This past year I took AP calculus AB, and I got an A and I believe I did well on the AP test (results haven't come back yet though). This morning I took my school's math placement test, and I was placed into...
  12. Q

    Programs Research areas in physics department -- what is the field of complex systems physics about?

    I am a undergraduate student of engineering and I'm planning to go for Master's in physics department. I've watched some websites of research faculty or groups and I think (correct me if I'm wrong ;) there are main theoretical and experimental fields of these: - Elementary particles - Condensed...
  13. Andrehm99

    Schools Study in college or join the US Air Force?

    Hello, thanks to everyone who is reading this. First of all, I'm sorry if i made a mistake on my english, i'm learning. My name is Andre I will tell a brief story of my life so you can understand my situation. My parents are peruvian and traveled to usa because of all the problems that Peru...
  14. J

    Schools University Physics without high school preparation

    Hi First time poster here. I recently applied to the University of Toronto in which I intend to do the Math and Physics Specialist, this university has a particular bad reputation for killing GPA; however, I'm confident that its mostly myth and with hard work anything can be achieved. The only...
  15. J

    Admissions What Graduate Programs Should I Apply to?

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on what physics graduate programs to apply to. My original list was: University of Maryland - College Park Harvard University Columbia University Caltech Pennsylvania State University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Colorado University - Boulder UC-Barbara...
  16. ElleD

    Courses How could I gain a career in biophysics?

    Hi, I am currently in the last year of sixth form and looking to go to university. However, I am unsure of which course to take since I equally enjoy learning about biology and physics. Biophysics, seems like it would be the ideal career for me but I am unsure of what pathways I could take to...
  17. S

    Schools Going back to Grad School after working

    Hi Everyone, I have a double B.S. in physics and math from UMD. I graduated in 2012, and have since worked primarily in tech startups. I am considering going back to school to get a masters, likely in applied math or something computationally intensive. My concern is that I have no academic...
  18. Manoj Sahu

    Other How to write an IEEE level research paper?

    So I want to write a research paper and publish it before I complete my engineering degree this year. I have selected the topic which is "Analysis of the voltage regulation of Self excited induction generator using STATCOM". I have collected all the resources required and am also doing research...
  19. Abhirikshma

    Studying Engineering Physics or Physics?

    I have an inclination to be an experimentalist, in which discipline should I do my Bachelors in : Engineering Physics (B.Tech) or Physics (B.Sc) ? Thanks.
  20. jaskamiin

    Programs Math minor, double major, and elective classes advice!

    There's a lot of questions that float around like "I'm an EE major, should I double/minor in math?", "What math classes should I take as a physics major?", etc. After I typed in the title, this already started to show. Maybe you will disagree with some philosophical points I make, but I think...
  21. S

    Programs What are my options with a 2.54 physics major GPA?

    HI, So I am graduating this Spring 2016 with an overall gpa of 2.91 and a major physics gpa of 2.54. I have talk with some of my physics professors about the possibilities of going to grad school, and they told me that it is up to me if I feel prepared, but based on my physics upper division...
  22. J

    Should I consider a career in physics?

    Hello, My question is the bottom paragraph and the first is a VERY detailed description of my scenario. I'm a grade 11 student getting around a 70% in physics. I really love physics in particular quantum mechanics but I make alot of stupid mistakes (most resently not thinking about the...
  23. E

    Having trouble trying to relearn physics

    I'm trying to relearn physics the summer. I've been studying some basic calculus and I've enjoyed it. But I'm going back to solving problems that don't involve any calculus, such as kinematics (like using the suvat equations). Now the problem is I'm having a very difficult time solving some...
  24. H

    Will my academic inclinations 'jive' with the business world?

    So, I did a BSc in Neuroscience and Math. While long term I think am interested in a PhD in neuroscience, I am likely going to do a MSc in Data Analytics ("Big Data") first. It offers both job security if I change my mind on the PhD as well as the chance for me to do what I love: statistical +...
  25. Sandman609

    What kind of Research Projects can an Undergraduate do?

    I am an Engineering Physics student with a concentration in Spacecraft Systems. I am more or less quite new to Physics and Engineering and have only completed introductory physics courses (class mechanics, optics, thermo, EM) and am starting Modern Physics in the fall. I have for some time...
  26. B

    I Need Some Academic Guidance

    I just finished second year physics and I passed everything but not by a lot. My cum GPA is ~1.7 and program GPA is ~1.8. I've done the math and I would need at least a A+ on every single course for the next 2 years to get my GPA up to only a 3. First year didn't treat me too well and and 2nd...
  27. N

    Is a BS in Biology and MS in Biotechnology acceptable for a candidate pursuing astrophysics?

    Hi, I am a new user :oldbiggrin: My name is Nicole and I am interested in the astrophysics PhD program. I have a bachelor's degree in biology (final GPA 3.68) and I'm currently doing my masters degree in biotechnology in Puerto Rico. I don't have research experience so far, but I have recently...
  28. Cosmology2015

    Too late to study physics?

    Hello, I am senior in electrical engineering course. However, my dream has always been to study physics. I am worried because I am 27 years and have no contact with the main physical disciplines such as classical mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, among others. Which means I will need to study...
  29. cryora

    Did I overload myself this quarter?

    I took 3 upper divs this quarter (Analytical Mech, E&M, and Abstract Algebra) along with an introductory German course, which is a total of 16 units. It was tough trying to keep up, and I would spend long nights each on homework for one course then the same for another course evey week. I'm...
  30. FuturePhysicist

    Fields of Theoretical Physics.

    I'm in high school, thinking about what I want to do in college. I am aiming to get some sort of PhD in Theoretical Physics. I would love to just get one in general theoretical physics, but I am unsure if that is offered. I know that I can go into specific areas such as particle or field...