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Schools In Search of a Glorious Spreadsheet of PhD Programs

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    I am on a quest for the most perfect spreadsheet designed to assist with choosing or applying to phd programs. If anyone is in possession of such an artifact, I implore you to bestow it upon me so I may bathe in the light of the knowledge garnered by those who came before. If your wondrous magnificence is aware of the existence of a wholly pristine spreadsheet which is located elsewhere, pray advise me of the location and this one will form an expedition to acquire it forthwith.
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    I seriously doubt that such a spreadsheet exists. A spreadsheet does a great job of working with quantitative data, but not so much with the qualitative things you're asking one to do.
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    Thanks for your reply. If it doesn't exist I will create it. I just thought I'd get a big head start on it by using someone else's foundation.

    Also, since you don't like a spreadsheet for this job, what would you recommend to compile all of the information?
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    Googling the last part of your thread title returns lots of hits on blank spreadsheet ideas that students can use to organize information about the schools they are considering and applying to...

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    I swear I googled before posting. Thanks for finding this.
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    You already have a glorious spread sheet . It's called Google . All you need your end is a bit of DIY user friendly software to select sets of search filters without having to enter them manually each time .

    The advanced search facilities on Google are immensely powerful . Use them .
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