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Abhay Bang and Rani Bang are Indian social activists and researchers working in the field of community health in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India. They have revolutionized healthcare for the poorest people in India and have overseen a programme that has substantially reduced infant mortality rates in one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF have endorsed their approach to treating newborn babies and the programme is currently being rolled out across India and in parts of Africa. Abhay and Rani Bang founded the Society For Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH) – a non-profit organisation, which is involved in rural health service and research. The couple is the winner of the Maharashtra Bhushan Award. Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow has conferred honourary doctorates on Abhay and Rani Bang. SNDT Women's University, Mumbai has also awarded honoris causa to Rani Bang. The Lancet has honoured the couple as "the pioneers of health care in rural India". Abhay and Rani Bang are the first recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. They were also inducted into the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars. The Bangs are honoured for their leadership in community-based health care that is now helping to save the lives of millions of the most vulnerable newborns and children. During their careers, the Bangs have helped foster a renaissance in community-based primary health care. In 2016, Johns Hopkins University conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award upon them.

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  1. E

    Seach to Generate List of Threads

    Is there a way to search(filter) such that just a list of all threads I participated in is generated ( somehow ordered) as opposed to every post made in every thread ordered by date that I'm missing? Like an "all content by", but with multiple post in threads collapsed under a single thread banner.
  2. T

    Bug Some pages don't recognize I'm Logged In

    --This problem occured when accessed from a PM. Was OK when accessed from the home page. The Search page shows a minimal interface, no options for date range, author. etc, only has field for Key Words. --This problem occurs regardless of where it is accessed from. An Insights page...
  3. gmax137

    PF search feature -- Why is "Coonts" changed to "Counts"?

    I just finished reading "Saucer," by Stephen Coonts. I was curious to see if this book had been discussed in the sci-fi forum. So I have been trying to search for "Coonts." No matter what I do, the search returns hits for "counts." Is there a way to make the search engine take the given...
  4. Slimy0233

    How to search the internet well?

    I reckon most of the questions except HW which are asked here have been discussed in the past in some corner of the internet. I wonder what one can do to search for it effectively. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve which you use when you feel like you are not getting discussions you should...
  5. L

    I Questions about Grover's algorithm for quantum searches

    Hi! I have studied Grover's algorithm for quantum search and I just want to make sure that I understood it correctly: to make a number k of calls to the oracle one needs to have k physical copies of the gate producing the oracle. In quantum circuits there are no loops, hence a physical gate...
  6. berkeman

    The role of Robot Dogs and Drones in Search and Rescue operations

    This was a great use of technology last week when a large parking garage collapsed in New York City, and it was too dangerous to send in FireFighters to search for injured and trapped people. FDNY has used Drones for a while now, and has a new Robot Dog that is able to navigate pretty difficult...
  7. arivero

    Explicit search in ChatGPT recalls

    Generate markdown code for a table of papers on string theory. Generate up to 5 rows, including at least columns for title, authors, and url. Make the urls clickable. Do not forget to prefix it with https: You can include papers from scientific journals or scientific repositories. For a given...
  8. jedishrfu

    B Bayesian Search Common Sense

  9. DrClaude

    B Sabine Hossenfelder on the search for new particles

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/sep/26/physics-particles-physicists Note: Please read what she is talking about before commenting.
  10. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Please give me an example of how any indexing works in big data search

    [Mentor Note -- PF thread and MHB threads merged together below due to MHB forum merger with PF] I have to learn in context of lucene, but firstly, I want to learn the example indexing in general. Sth like this-: And I am not getting any google books and pdfs to learn about these topics. I...
  11. mfb

    I Seminar: First LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter search results

    Today 16:00 UTC, in ~7.5 hours. Announcement, Link to Zoom meeting (why is this just an image on the website, not a link?) LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) uses several tonnes of xenon to search for signals of dark matter interacting with it. It started taking data last year and it should easily set better...
  12. newjerseyrunner

    Search for Intelligence on Earth

    I was discussing the Fermi Paradox with a coworker at lunch and he made a very good point that I hadn’t considered and I don’t really hear mentioned on the topic: distribution. The assumption that if ET was everywhere, we should see it everywhere. The point was that that should be true for...
  13. NTL2009

    In Search of: Cheap/common pressure switch

    I'm certain these must be common in automotive applications, but I'm just not sure what search terms to use. I'm looking for an on/off switch (to be electronically sensed, so low volt/current) that can be connected to a water pipe, and turn on/off at around 1~2 PSI. The specific application...
  14. brainbaby

    Dragging a component from "supplier search"- Altium Designer 17.1

    Dear viewers, As I am using an Altium designer ver 17.1, I am unable to drag a component from the supplier search to the schematic sheet (.SchDoc). I am stuck. Could anyone help me to rectify what the problem is? Thanks
  15. H

    In search of an economics forum

    I need an economics forum very similar to the way PhysicsForums is for Maths and Physics. S done I tried reddit and stackexchange but they were not very suitable. Stackexchange in economics was not very active and reddit was mostly about discussing the everyday issues involving economics. What...
  16. shivajikobardan

    MHB How to check if search problem has no solution in depth limit search?

    Depth-limited search can be terminated with two Conditions of failure: Standard Failure: it indicates that the problem does not have any solutions. Cutoff Failure Value: It defines no solution for the problem within a given depth limit...
  17. shivajikobardan

    How to check if search problem has no solution in depth limit search?

    Summary:: standard failure in depth limit search. Depth-limited search can be terminated with two Conditions of failure: Standard Failure: it indicates that the problem does not have any solutions. Cutoff Failure Value: It defines no solution for the problem within a given depth limit...
  18. shivajikobardan

    Confused about recursion in python-depth first search-:

    # Python dictionary to act as an adjacency list graph = { '7' : ['19','21', '14'], '19': ['1', '12', '31'], '21': [], '14': ['23', '6'], '1' : [], '12': [], '31': [], '23': [], '6' : [] } visited = [] # List of visited nodes of graph. def dfs(visited, graph, node): if...
  19. shivajikobardan

    MHB Time complexity of Breadth First Search, why and how?

    Firstly, how is time complexity of BFS $O(b^d)$. Say I have this tree with goal n, how do I calculate time complexity for it? Assume left to right traversal. I know the answer is a,b,c,x1,d,e,f,i,j,k,g,h,z,l,m,n. But I am not sure how to calculate time complexity here using the above formula
  20. H

    In search of a non-linear way to prepare students for this unique exam

    Suppose there is an exam of maths, for a particular service, whose syllabus is of Bachelor of Science: Maths level, i.e. the syllabus includes (exhaustively) Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial...
  21. Prinzmio

    Lowering the Golden Ratio: The Impact on Golden Section Search Efficiency

    Currently my task is to count number of iterations of golden section search verus interval bisection search of a function y = x^2. Golden section search took about twice the number of iterations than interval bisection search. If I lowered the golden ratio from 0.618 to 0.5562 , the number...
  22. Falgun

    Schools University Search for a Physics Major

    I will be applying to schools for a physics major in about a year or so. And so far my list of Unis consists of ridiculously competitive schools. Of course I realize that this is not realistic for most if not all people. I know about the extraordinary schools like MIT, Princeton, etc. But I was...
  23. DaveC426913

    Creating Search Queries using indents

    I'm constructing a search query in a proprietary database and I'm getting a warning about my use of ands and ors. I've included the search as pseudocode. I have inserted square brackets whereas the actual query only uses indents (which I cannot get my head around). What I am expecting to get...
  24. Twigg

    A Search for CPT violation with protons/antiprotons using quantum logic

    Just wanted to share a cool proposal paper from the BASE collaboration. I found this article dense and the theoretical aspects are way above my pay grade, so please chime in if you think I get anything wrong. For the record, I have no ties to this group and hadn't heard of them before this...
  25. S

    Efficient Q-Tree Algorithm: Understanding Parent-Child Relationships

    Hi, I don't get what the conditions below exactly means. Its which u they are talking about? Is the u the parent or children? Does it mean u = B? and the children are A,C,D? if u is in the quadtree rooted by v:NW then u:x < v:x and u:y ≥ v:y; Thanks,
  26. Y

    How to search just the first two characters in a c-string?

    I am working on the part of the program that I want to search through a vector of structure that has c-string(last name) as member. I decide NOT to search the complete string because I want to avoid in case someone spell the last name wrong and fail to find a match. So I want to search only the...
  27. I

    Comp Sci Searching Array for an Element using Linear Search

    I write a Linear Search code,then ı decided ask to user "r" and "int arr".I mean,User decide their r and arr numbers.I tried scanf("%d",r); command but doesn't work This code my first code before the decide Ask user : #include <stdio.h> int search(int arr[], int n, int r) { int i; for...
  28. A

    An array problem involving a recursive binary search

    Summary:: I have to solve this problem stirctly according to the question that follows: Mentor note: I edited the original code to add indentation and a few blank lines to make the code more readable, so line 43 is no longer the line in question. so this is the question i tried but it gives...
  29. ChrisVer

    A Search for literature on Quantum Gravity

    Hi all, I am looking for a pedagogical (or maybe also historical) paper that describes the attempts of quantizing gravity and the problems that appear along the lines. It is quite interesting to hear from public talks that "when we try to canonically quantize gravity as we did EM we get...
  30. richworldinc

    Comp Sci Search an array in three subsections for a specified song

    #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int mySearch(string songArray[], int arraySize, string songTitle, int songIndex) { for (int i = 0; i < arraySize; i++) { cout << i << "..." << songArray << endl; } int searchBegin = 0; int searchEnd = 13...
  31. R

    Google covid search results....

    If you type in google.com any 2 or 3 digit numbers combinations before "new cases" for example "312 new cases" into google there will always be a result with a covid19 article correlating with the number... why is that?
  32. phinds

    Anybody having trouble w/ Windows Explorer search?

    I have a serious problem w/ Windows 10 Explorer's search capability and when I look for solutions w/ Google, I see that apparently a lot of people have very recently begun to experience problems w/ the search capability (apparently due to a recent Windows "fix") but MY problem is never...
  33. despues18

    Programs Seeking advice on how to search for a Graduate School in Molecular Biology

    Will finish B.S. in molecular biology in May. Have found asking vague questions about where to go/apply to next are pretty unhelpful. I believe that going through indexes of interesting research is the closest I can get to finding a place to advance myself and be happy in. here is an example...
  34. jedishrfu

    B Grant Sanderson on PI, Galperin's Puzzle and QC Grover's Search

    https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-pi-connects-colliding-blocks-to-a-quantum-search-algorithm-20200121/ and related papers: Play Pool with PI (2003 paper by Galperin) https://www.maths.tcd.ie/~lebed/Galperin. Playing pool with pi.pdf and Playing Pool with |ψ⟩: from Bouncing Billiards to...
  35. Tone L

    In search of.... Solidworks Tutorials

    Hi folks, Coming from an non-engineering background, I have not taken a formal course on CAD. Is anyone familiar with any good YouTube/video series that give a tutorial on using Solidworks, 2018+? I have browsed around and I've watched some videos but they only scratch the surface. Thanks.
  36. S

    Engineering Career and job search (teaching or engineering work)

    Hello I am new here lived in New York with my 2 kids and looking for a teaching job. I applied online but can't get response from them. I have received an email yesterday stated that they are going to give me an opportunity an engineering firm. They want me to fill a form with my all details...
  37. ryl3gol

    Math Job search ideas for an applied math major?

    I am an applied math major. What are some jobs you would recommend looking in to? Thank you in advance!
  38. A

    I Inside The 24/7 Search For Another Habitable Planet Within 100 Ly

    Hi, Forbes just published an article about the Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2019/11/25/inside-the-247-search-for-another-habitable-planet-within-100-light-years-of-earth/#149fbf103442 I hope you find it interesting! We welcome any type of...
  39. A

    B The search for habitable exoplanets in Alpha Centauri

    In October 2012, astronomers announced the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri B. However, three years later, they concluded that it probably doesn’t exist. In 2013, astronomers also detected another possible exoplanet, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. As of today, no...
  40. Haorong Wu

    I In quantum search algorithm, how to interpret the effect of U(t)?

    In Nielsen's QCQI, in page 259, it reads, $$U \left ( \Delta t \right ) = \left ( \cos^2 \left ( \frac {\Delta t} 2 \right ) - \sin ^2 \left ( \frac {\Delta t} 2 \right ) \vec \psi \cdot \hat z \right ) I \\ -2 i \sin \left ( \frac {\Delta t} 2 \right ) \left ( \cos \left ( \frac {\Delta t} 2...
  41. M

    A Help Applying Search Rule Weitzman (1979)

    I was wondering if you could help me make sure I have things correct. Weitzman (1979) (Optimal search for the best alternative) considers a decision maker that is facing n boxes, each box has potential reward $x_i $with probability distribution $f(x_i)$ (iid). It costs $c_i$ to open the box and...
  42. Rob S

    A Exploring Enrico Fermi's Beta-Decay Theory: A Search for Missing Links

    In 1933 Enrico Fermi published a paper on his theory of beta-decay. He describes it as a contact force, which means he didn't think there was a mediator as there was for the electrodynamic forces. Somewhere along the line, there must have been someone who suggested a mediating particle such as...
  43. M

    MHB Extrapolation and interpolation in line search optimization

    hi can you tell me these equations: A = 6*(f2-f3)/z3+3*(d2+d3); % cubic fit B = 3*(f3-f2)-z3*(d3+2*d2); z2 = (sqrt(B*B-A*d2*z3*z3)-B)/A; % numerical error in MATLAB fmincg.m...
  44. A

    Studying Motivating Yourself to Study Physics | In Search of Motivation

    Hi there! A couple years ago, I failed my physics exam taken in upper secondary school (Norway), which has led me to having to retake the subject. I realize that I likely failed due to being lazy and tired of school. But a lot has changed since then, and I really do wish to learn physics. In...
  45. I

    High school solar car team in search of a mentor

    I am the captain of a high school solar car team in the Washington DC area. We were founded last year, and are currently building our second solar car to compete in the Solar Car Challenge, a national competition in Texas. One of the biggest issues we are constantly battling is our lack of...
  46. YoungPhysicist

    Time complexity of a binary search

    Binary search works by eliminating half of the objects in a sorted array every time,so shouldn’t it’s time complexity being ##O(\log_2 n)## instead of ##O(\log n)##?
  47. H

    New Google scientific data search engine

    I tried a search for this first and had negative results so I thought it might be helpful. Google has launched a new https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/google-launches-new-dataset-search-engine.htm feature that enables laypersons to retrieve highly specific results from millions of...
  48. Thomaz

    Other Best Search Engines for Academic Papers - arXiv and Beyond

    What are the best search engines of academic papers in your opinion? as of right now I'm only searching on arXiv :(
  49. archaic

    Classical In search of a very detailed physics book

    Hello everyone, I've been watching the Khan Academy physics lectures and although they're nice (does anyone know a better one?) I'd like to get much deeper into the details of everything. So please if any of you knows a book, preferably available for free, which is really detailed and of an...
  50. A

    B The Search for a Neutron Star or Black Hole Nearby

    If this is true where is the core of that star, either a neutron star or a black hole should exist near by, right?