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Homework Help: Increasing temperature of an organ pipe

  1. Jul 24, 2007 #1
    If the temperature of an organ pipe is increased above room temperature thereby increasing the speed of sound waves in the pipe but not affecting the length of the pipe significantly, what effect does this have in the frequency of the standing waves produced by the pipe?

    My attempt
    If the temperature is increased and the speed of the sound waves increased the frequency of the sound waves will therefore also increase.

    If the above is true why would it increase, just because of the temperature???
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    In simple terms, sound is carried through air by molecules banging into each other - at higher temperatures the molecules have more energy, move faster and bang into each other more often.
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    Jumping off what mgb phys was saying the energized particles move faster and like previously stated have a better chance of hitting off the walls and other particles more often. This energy came from the heat increase and therefore the heat increase would increase the frequency.

    Unless another factor was involved like the size of the pipe shrunk, but you stated the pipe stayed about the same size so it is based around the temp. increase.
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    Thank you, clearer now
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