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Homework Help: Inelastic Collision of an object Problem

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    A m=1.5 kg object moving at 14 m/s collides with a stationary 2.0 kg object. If the collision is perfectly inelastic, how far along the inclined plane will the combined system travel? Neglect Friction. 6-38alt.gif

    Any help would be appreciated
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    This is a three part question. First you need to calculate the velocity of the combined mass system before it begins up the incline. Second, you need to determine what will slow the combined mass system down, and to what magnitude (free-body diagram). Then, it's simple kinematics to see how far up the slope the system will go.
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    I have the same exact problem with the incline...I think we have the same prof. Is it from the study guide on webassign?
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    Using conservation momentum find the velocity of the combined mass before it starts climbing the inclined plane. After moving certain distance along inclined plane combined blocks stop. So loss of KE = gain in PE. From this you can get the height of the combind blocks from the ground. Using the angle of inclination you can find the distance moved by the blocks.
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    yea its a group problem on webassign for my class

    edit: I figured it out, thanks for the the help. find the KE (1/2mv^2) then set it equal to PE (mgh) and solve for h. then use trig to find the distance traveled. Again, thanks for the help, and theres one other problem ill be posting in a bit.
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