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Inequality or just wrong? (algebra practice)

  1. Jul 26, 2012 #1
    I've been making up problems to practice with, and I came across something I couldn't tell on my own, and that is, how do you know that your problem is supposed to be an inequality or you did something wrong? Should I just be looking up other peoples problems instead to try and practice with?
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    Without any specifics it would be very hard to answer your question.
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    if you can plot your answer then you can test a point on one side of the line of equality and then on the other side of the line. (assuming you have a line or bounding curve).
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    That could work for two-dimensional (three-dimensional, if you're really good at visualization) problems. However, I advise that you try to algebraically manipulate your problem, because often you will not be able to plot your "equation" on a graph.
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    You can regard the stated inequality as a HYPOTHESIS.
    Going through steps for solving it, by simplifying it in a logically valid manner will REVEAL if the hypothesis was true or false.

    However, if your initial inequality is too complicated, say non-linear, you might never be able to prove the truth or falsity of it.
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