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Information for a beginner in mechanical engineering

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    Hi everyone!
    This is my first post on these forums. I have successfully passed and secured an all india rank of 396 in IITJEE this year. I am going to study mechanical engineering in IIT Bombay. Hence i need some kind of an insight in this department.
    My actual interest was in both, electrical and mechanical. But since i wont be getting electrical in IIT Bombay ( due to the usual high cutoffs ) , i will be getting mechanical there. What i actually want to ask is, being a mechanical engineer, can i think of any future in electrical power generation ?
    Also, i am deeply interested in astronomical sciences,so being a mechanical engineer, how can i think of a future in astronomical field?
    I am asking about future in other streams for an engineer of another stream, only to satisfy my interests in these fields. Also, which field in mechanical engineering right now is in high demand ? or highly regarded?
    Thanks :)
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    which field in mechanical engineering right now is in high demand ?

    -Renewable Energy:
    *Solar energy
    *Geothermal energy
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    thanks for the help.
    Please answer my other queries also ! thanks
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    Mech engi is a great and varied field to study...
    There r a lot of fields where u could become specialist, and do further rsrch..
    I am doing marine engi, which is also an extension of mech..
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