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Information is a kind of dimension (like space and time)

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    information is a kind of "dimension" (like space and time)

    I always asked myself about how does information works in the cosmos. I read an article were some scientist told that information is a kind of "dimension" (like space and time), and its crucial for the conformation of systems (and matter obviusly).
    Another thing that called my atention was an article that I read about BH's, were information was mentioned, and this article said that information is absorbed too.
    I hope somebody have some information for this...

    pd: sorry for my english, I'm doing my best here from Chile, land of the clearest skies!
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    Re: Information

    Information, in the physics sense, is a somewhat complicated matter. Each quantum state contains information of the particle. Theoretically, a (complete) wave-function contains all the information of the particle.

    With a black hole, we can never observe anything beyond the Event Horizon. According to the No Hair theorem, the only things we can tell about the matter that makes up a black hole is the mass, the total electric charge (almost always 0), and the angular momentum.

    This means that, apart from these 3 properties, we can't know anything about the particles that make up the black hole. So, for example, we can't tell if a black hole is made out of matter or anti-matter. In this way, the information about the particles that created the black hole is "stuck" inside the black hole. This creates a problem if you include Hawking Radiation. Hawking radiation would eventually destroy the black hole, and all the information about the particles that created the black hole would be lost, which violates one of the laws of physics (that information can't be lost).

    Bear in mind that this explanation is quite basic. The actual physics involved is more complicated. Don't quote me on this <_<
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    Re: Information

    Are you sure you're remembering the article correctly? Information is not considered a dimension in any accepted or credible speculative theory that I know of.

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    Re: Information

    I think things got garbled somewhere. What they may be talking about is something like "information geometry" (google the term) where you can deal with information in the same way that you deal with space.
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    Re: Information

    Maybe it could be another kind of information that isn't part of quantum machines, like our brain or our computers (digital information). That's my point... unquantifiable information.
    If you destroy a hard drive or a supernova explodes, the information within never dissapear, just gets separated, just like a puzzle... Non scientific information here, I'm only thinking.
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    Re: Information

    Information theory is a valid tool and unbounded by preconceived notions of dimensionality. Ariel Caticha and Lucien Hardy have contibuted a number of interesting papers on this subject.
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