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Information Technology vs Information Communication Technology?

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    what bis the diffrences between information technology and information communication technology?

    What is the avaiable works in each one?
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    Probably none - when I did computer science it was called computer science then IT and now ICT.
    You could argue that ICT includes networking but there are no real hard definitions, you would have to look at the syllabus for each.

    System manager - Look after users and system. An evil attitude to all forms of life helps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastard_Operator_From_Hell

    Database admin - design structure and queries to databases, extremely boring but well paid in large companies.

    Software engineer - design and build programs, works either for software companies (Microsoft, games companies) or in large organisations. Pay depends on where you are working - least stable since you cosntantly have to learn new langauges/technologies.
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