1. Shaw-krow

    Long distance broadcast, internet data packets across town?

    I got something i want to do for fun and help out a...person i know but i never finished high school so thats my degree level. i was wondering if there is a way under $100 to possibly use my internet or posibly 2 peoples internet connections on the other side of the town i live in, split up the...
  2. K

    B Exactly why FTLC is impossible with entangled photons?

    It’s written almost all physics books and courses that entangled photons can’t be used for faster than light communication. The question about used entangled photons to communicate faster than light has been discussed before, but I didn’t get exactly why faster than light communication with...
  3. T

    I Quantum entanglement, wave-function collapse

    I have 2 questions i would really like to find an answer to: if we have a quantum pair, we can determine whether 2 quanta are entangled or not assuming that we have access to the information of both of them. so if we have a quantum "trio" instead of a quantum pair, does the information about 2...
  4. pairofstrings

    Establish connection between web app and stand-alone app

    1. Homework Statement Transfer data from stand-alone application written in C/++/# to web application written in C#.NET. Transfer data from web application written in C#.NET to stand-alone application written in C/++/#. 2. Homework Equations The stand-alone application runs on my PC and the...
  5. engnrshyckh

    I want to calculate mark space ratio: f=25000Hz,T=4us

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a technical forum and therefore no template, which would have helped a lot in this case ...> i know that mark time is duration in which a pulse is present and space time is a duration is which pulse is not present. my attempt to ques is: f= 25000Hz..........>...
  6. I

    B Faster than light communication

    Imagine a small cylinder with a dot at the top. Rotating the cylinder 1 degree clockwise of 0 degrees could signify a 1; and 1 degree anticlockwise of 0 degrees a zero. 0 degrees would be a space. Someone rotating one end of the cylinder would cause the other end of the cylinder to rotate...
  7. Nikhil N

    Industrial applications of IR communication

    I need some industrial applications where IR is used for communication. Also I need to know whether can I use it to transmit my measured data of torque and temperature (measured using RTD and strain gauge) from a Rotating shaft running at 7500 rpm through IR communication ?
  8. H

    B Communication with no latency using quantum entanglement

    So I was wandering why it is not possible to use quantum particles to communicate across vast distances. As I understand it we cannot send information using this as it would break the laws of physics but what I was wandering is why can't we us entangled particles in a binary why by changing the...
  9. Q_Goest

    Ion channels enable electrical communication in bacteria

    Here’s an interesting bit of research regarding how bacteria communicate through ion channels. It talks about biofilms which I understand as being thin films of bacteria that colonize the surface of teeth for example: The bacteria then communicate using what sounds like a 2 dimensional EM wave...
  10. Titan97

    Ground wave vs. sky wave stability

    1. Homework Statement Is sky wave signal less stable than ground wave signal? 2. Homework Equations None 3. The Attempt at a Solution Ground waves face attenuation because when it glides over the surface of earth, there will be induced fields which can oppose the wave. In case of sky...
  11. king yasin ally

    Deep Space antenna (dish)

    I am trying to build my own communication / listening dish, multi frequency antenna, basically my own deep space antenna network. how to get the needed supply for such endeavour? help with any info on this, a new field for me. thanks!
  12. N

    Why is radio spectrum allocation based on archaic models?

    The FCC's propagation models for the FM broadcast band seem grotesquely inaccurate in some places, where stations can be received that the models say are absolutely out of range. I'm not even talking about DX conditions like ducting or skip, I'm talking about baseline. When I lived in...
  13. R

    Introducing RocketDr

    Hello, I am Miles. My interests are very broad. I work in the fields of energy, communications, and space transportation, developing new systems that can hopefully solve some significant problems in these areas. My primary backgrounds are chemistry and electrical engineering, but I've...
  14. G

    What's the problem with (non-causal) nonlocality?

    Hi, In all the discussions about EPR, Bell's inequality and interpretations of QM locality seems to be a property that nobody likes to drop light-heartedly. This is somehow understandable since SR is an extremely successful theory. But SR only says that we cannot transmit information faster...
  15. L

    Engineering Tuning circuit in mobile handset system

    Studying about Communication Skills specifically about mobile handset and how do they transmit and receive signals etc. I came across this question which states "Why does a mobile phone handset have a tuning circuit for reception stage but not for transmission? The attempt at a solution I...
  16. G

    Digital Transmission and Twisted Wires

    1. Homework Statement I am currently embarking on a project where I have to build a communications system which can take in an analog voice signal, translate it into digital signal, and send it across to the receiver where the original voice gets recovered and it can be played back using a...
  17. AdityaDev

    Changing electric field and refractive index

    I am learning sky wave propagation and in my book, a relation between refractive index, dielectric constant and electro field strength is given. \mu=\mu_0\sqrt{1-\frac{Ne^2}{\epsilon_0m\omega^2}} Is this a form of Kerr opto-electric effect? How do you get this expression? If you think I cannot...
  18. Dark_Capacitor

    Why AM wave is multiplication of carrier and message signal?

    Let A= (sin(x) * sin(100x)) + sin(100x).; modulation index is 1; Let B= (sin(x) + sin (100x)); Both of these waves have same frequency and both are amplitude modulated. When passed through an envelope detector, both will give message signal. And B have an advantage of not having any sideband...
  19. G

    Frame Synchronisation via Modified Approach to Bit Insertion

    1. Homework Statement I am currently embarking on a project which requires me to design a system where I can transmit voice over a distance, by inputting an analog voice signal on one end and then recovering the voice which I input on the transmitting end at the receiving end. The general...
  20. A

    Engineering Writing as an Aerospace Engineer?

    Greetings, I am writing a paper for my university English class. The purpose of it is to recognize or acknowledge the amount of writing (or lack thereof) in our future career choice. As an Aerospace Engineering major, I want to find out if writing is a big part of Aerospace Engineering. I have...
  21. C

    Equation of SNR versus sigma square for BPSK

    I would like to know in the following equation (attached) how can I incorporate BER for BPSK? is BER the same as Rc? The equation is relation between SNR and sigma square.
  22. F

    Questions about Communication Protocols

    I work as a project engineer of electrical equipment for substations. More and more I have to deal with the communication of these equipment with PLC and other equipments. But I really don't know much about this area. For example, we have Modbus, Profibus, IEC-61850... every now and then I have...