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Injecting Large volume of Nanoparticles

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    Supposing that our body is injected with a large volume of nanoparticles carrying some specific agents to filter out our blood, I don't understand how our body HIS (human immune system) can ignore its main task to accept the agents as friends, especially after these particles succeed, where will they go ?

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    The interaction of nanoparticles with any biological system is going to be different depending on the particle in question. A liposome isn't going to be reacted to the same way as a carbon nanotube for instance.
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    hmm well the immune system has specific inclinations and rules it follows. For example it wont ignore poly saccharides on anything, often associated with bacteria cell walls, and also unfortunately found in some vaccines causing allergical reactions. It doesnt like antigens with specific patterns found with viruses. But if you made molecules that are more similar to the body's own cell surface proteins, it might work.

    This is how cancer evades the immune system. Even when the immune system go after cancer cells it's the non specific WBCs and not your T and B cells that do the job.
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