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Innovative ideas for mechanical eng. project.

  1. Jan 17, 2007 #1
    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum & as usual like all other newbies i am asking for help :blushing: . I am after few innovative ideas for mechanical engineering project, its a group project rather but my group mate she is a dead rat lol so i have to do most of the work, I have few ideas in mind but was wondering if anybody can help me here. I have seen queries answered here rather i have spend a time looking for some thread with same querey but with no luck :cry: . So please anyone here any x-student offering his innovative ideas.
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    what is your project abt to do?
  4. Jan 24, 2007 #3
    its about desgin n make project anythin basically.
    Any mechanical device that we can design n build at acdemic level.
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    That is wayyy to broad.
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    Micro cogeneration unit.
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    thanks for Micro cogeneration unit, i have looked into it n still trying to figure out if we can build that in our university lab? :confused:
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    What year are you in school? What machines are you familiar with using in your University Lab? What kinds of machines interest you? (like cars, planes, robots, etc.)
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    im in year 2 of university .... my group supervisor told me not to think fo anything like car because you wont be able to make it n told me to follow the kiss rule - Keep it simple for stupid- n i got like 4 months for it ...

    help me lol pleaseo:)
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    What fabrication tools are you familiar with using? Lathe? CNC? Have you worked with both aluminum and steel?
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    that doesnt really matters u get me... we can get it build by our lab technican he can help us if we have to do any work on any machines
  12. Jan 13, 2010 #11
    I assume this is for some sort of disseration, in general avoid build projects for an academic course. I did one and it's a pain in the arse.

    What are the specific aims of the project? What level are they looking at? Remember build projects do NOT always mean machines, they don't have to have a billion components or be uber complicated. A very well engineered solid component is sometimes a thing of wonder.

    What I would reccomend depends on what skills you have to show from the project. University projects do not require you to acutally build something that works (it's a bonus, but generally not required), it's to showcase and build your thought processes and approach to designing things.

    tl;dr summary of Q:
    What are the specific aims of the project?
    What level are they looking at, how complex?
    What skills do you have?
    What skills do you have to show in this project?

    For example, it's highly possible to design a component for a car, and as such they are very easy to make and also test.

    If you have done any solid mechanics, looking at stresses, and FEA work. Designing a suspension link is probably a good bet. Very easy to machine and to test practically. There are lots of engineering problems to solve with the design on even a single suspension link.

    If you have to build a machine keep that very very very simple too. Say a variant on a 4 bar linkage, this is a kinematics problem.

    Another option, if the project doesnt require design of components is a cooling system. Say a water system for a computer (im looking to watercool my PC so this is on my mind). You need to know the coolign requirements, meaning you need to calcualte the flow rates for water, CFM of the fans over the radiator. Basically designing a heat exhanger. This would require fluid mechanics and some thermodynamics. Your aim could be to use off the shelf components and get the best cooling capacity from the cheapest design.

    REMEMBER: Your marks come from doing something well. Showing you know and can apply simple principles well will get you better marks than taking on an overly complex projectthat you don't fully understand.
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  13. Jan 13, 2010 #12
    You could try building a Stirling machine using a tea cup as heat source!
    This kind of toy is available and cheap on the net.
    You can try another design with some creative feature.
    Maybe you will create a new business!
  14. Jan 13, 2010 #13
    solar stirling engine would be a good one. the basic concepts are easily found on the net. make it charge cordless power tool batteries, and its useful, simple.

    chris, on the computer cooling, have you ever heard of florinert (or galden)? chemically inert, non-conductive fluid. I have thought about its use for computer cooling. just make a tank the motherboard sits in. thermal effects should circulate the fluid without a pump. and it would prevent 100% of all the dust, bugs, pet hair, and cig smoke from ever getting inside. (its pricey at $300 a gallon, but is some amazing stuff)
    I'd bet the computer would last a long, long time.

  15. Jan 14, 2010 #14
    after seeing the earthquake destruction in Haiti last night, and the wave warnings I have a much better project.

    6 man, human safety pods, that you could climb into, in the event of a tsunami warning, close the lid, and ride it out. Think of the lives that could save vs trying to haul butt inland to get the added elevation needed

    just a thought

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