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Inorganic chemistry, need advice

  1. Nov 17, 2012 #1
    I am having a difficult time with this subject. There are so many things to rote memorize here and that's way too difficult for me to rote learn the things. There are loads of reactions, so many reactions for each group, different types of periodic trends, how one can learn or rather, rote memorize so much of stuff. I need some guidance on how should i go on studying this subject. It would be of great help if someone could provide me to organize this huge amount of information in this subject.

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    which book you are doing in inorganic. I also don't like it but Nitin Jains book ''The Secret of my Success'' give me a planing to study it. the major points from book that 1. study Priodic Property a lot if you master it one chapter then four chapters - s,p,d,f block elements, will automaticlly followed. 2. list of reactions in one notebook.

    There is limited type of problems and reactions in inorganic. I am studying for Physics olympiad so I don't study it more. I recommend you something give a look at FIITJEE Grand Masters Package Chemistry whole Chemistry is summarised in about 200 pages with a lot of Problems.(if any of your friend have this then Xerox it,because it is not for sell)
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