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Insulation around a vaccum tube

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    Hi Seniors and Fellows

    I really need your help to finish my project .I have struck at a point which is given below :-

    I have to do insulation around a vaccum tube in which thermocouple is placed . I have to choose a high temperautre 650 C insulation material. Inner and outer diameter of insulation tube is 22 and 17 mm. Thermal conductivity should be around 0.15 - 0.36. Which one i have to used and which is availabe in a mraket that we can order ad buy according to different Diameter dimension .

    It is also good if u give me a refernce of company is manufacturing insulation and also give me a chart of thermal conductivity w.r.t to temperature.

    Relpy me as soon as

    Thankss :)
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    Simon Bridge

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    I suspect the dimensions you are concerning yourself with are the wrong ones ... I've have expected you to rate the maximum heat loss you are prepared to put up with and the available space for the insulation.

    Insulation is sold as flat flexible sheets of various fluffiness. Find a brand you can afford and wrap it around your tube enough times to get the heat loss down to what you want. You can use the dimensions of the tube and the various rating for the sheets to work out how thick the insulation needs to be for each type, and, thus, how much you need to buy.
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    thanks for the reply sir. could you please mention some of the good insulation materials which are used for insulating small dia tubes. the available space for insulation is between 17 and 34 mm. heat flux and other values have been already calculated. i am just in search of a good insulation material which has a lower thermal conductivity value.
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    Rockwool for example should survive 600C
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