Interested in Applied Math/biomath REU's, need some help if possible

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In summary, the speaker is a 4th year junior interested in pursuing a graduate degree in mathematical biology and wants to do an REU this summer. Their GPA dropped significantly due to illness in their second year, but they are currently on the mend and expect their GPA to be around 3.2-3.3 when REU applications are due. They have limited coursework in math but have completed coding classes and some math courses. They are looking for recommendations for applied math or biomathematical REUs that they could realistically apply for.
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I am a 4th year junior studying applied statistics and am highly interested in pursuing a graduate degree in mathematical biology, and would like to do an reu this coming summer.

The problem is, I got severely sick my second year of college and my gpa as a result dipped significantly from the pretty good position I was in freshman year. I think it would also be worth mentioning that I did research at my home institute the summer after my first year with a fellowship.

I am slowly on the mend currently and will probably be back to normal by next spring, but by the time reu apps are out my gpa following this fall will probably fall somewhere in the 3.2-3.3 range. My coursework in math is limited since I've just been trying to get general classes done, so I am taking a significant amount in the spring but currently have only finished coding classes and maths such as diff eq, lin alg, multivar calc, and discrete.

I was wondering if there are any applied math or biomathematical reus which would be somewhat realistic for me to apply for, based on your own personal experiences/knowledge. I believe my recs will be good and will work hard on the personal statements. Thank you so much in advance! hopefully this can be helpful to people in similar situations
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I've known students with GPAs in that range to get REUs, but their recommendations based on research were stellar.
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