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Interested in other peoples suggestions for a good feature

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    Hi, I'm Kerstin and im 21 years old. I live in Cebu, Philippines, but I’m Swedish (originally from the wonderful city of Uppsala). Im in the second term of my filmmaking degree. Busy researching for my screenwriting class. I'm interested in other people’s suggestions for a good feature. Always good to get together with like-minded folk..
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    Oh! A feature as in what to write about. What are the specifications?
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    I'm still figuring it out..:rolleyes:
    I must consider a lot of things..
    Do you any suggestion?
    I would appreciate it a lot...:smile:
    Its kind of broad,really..
    I have to know wat kind
    and which genre would work for people aged 16-40...
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    So, is the assignment for you to write something original? If so, write about what you know. Like, what it's like for a young person from Uppsala to move a long, long, long way away from home...to Cebu, for example.
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