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Interested in publishing my work: where?

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    As a final masters degree thesis in chaos I have made a program which calculates 10 useful tools for the study of chaotic dynamics. It uses as dynamical system the iteration of the logistic map, and the tools implemented are: trajectories, temporal delay, bifurcation diagram, lyapunov exponents, invariant densities, Harter curves, invariant density, power spectrum, autocorrelation and time profiles. The program has been written in C++ and uses OpenGL and wxWidgets libraries. It can be useful for teachers to teach non-linear dynamics in the university.

    My question is: can anybody suggest a journal or magazine that can be interested in publishing my program?

    That's all, thanks!

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    The American Journal of Physics and European Journal of Physics publish material related to pedagogy.
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    Have you spoken to your project advisor about it?
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