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Interested in thermodinamics, quantics and astrophisics

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    My name is Liviu Marinica, I was born in Romania, and I am an 48 yo electrical engineer.
    My background in engineering is related to office work (design) but also field service work for electrical power equipments such as medium and low voltage switchboards, protection relays (called IED, or RTU ) transformers and others.
    My interest in physics is related mostly to understand our world as a micro and macro manifestations, and thermodynamics, quantics and astrophysics are on the first place. At this moments, my skills are not so strong in order to understand mathematics behind this kind of aspects, but when I feel the need to understand something, I do by best to deal also with equations.
    I also have my own opinions about some aspects, but I still need to get confirmation of this from more skilled people.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome. I know Romania as a country of skilled mathematicians (Ciprian Foias, Ivan Singer, Israel Gohberg (born in what is nowadays the Ukraine),...) and generous pieces of delicious grilled meat. Also, I almost adopted a dog from there once, but it turned out it already had an owner.

    I hope you will enjoy reading and writing here.

    It is perhaps good to know that one likes to limit the discussions here to "mainstream science". As long as your opinions can comply with that, I think it should be fine.
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    It is nice to hear a welcome, thank you. I will try to keep myself inside of topics, the more as I am not a specialist and I came here to learn. First I will try to see how forums are working and then I will see if I am or not in the good place. But I think I am. :)
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