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Classical Thermodynamics and information theory

  1. Oct 20, 2015 #1
    Hello, I have to work on the relation between the thermodynamics and the information theory on both historical and theorical aspects. My work will not contain proof. It will contain the most important equations and descriptive paragraphs. I need to talk about the relation between Clausius and Shannon's work. I also need to talk about Maxwell's demon.

    My problem is I do not know a good book where I can find the information I need. A book I could read fast and write my work at the same time I understand from the book without having to do too much things to understand what is presented in the book. I would need max 3 books just to put in the references because with all my other courses my time to work on this is very limited and the faster I can produce it the better grades I will get in my other courses.

    Anyone got recommendations on the most complete book on the thermodynamics of information theory and vis-versa? Should I just grab Clausius and Shannon papers and compare them or it will be too long? I already found some texts but they are often too old to contain Maxwell's demon, or they are too mathematical.

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    Pierce's book is generally recommended as the easiest introduction to information theory (disclosure: I have not read it). Shannon's paper is quite complicated so beware.
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