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Interested to learn Physics, But I don't know what to learn!

  1. Feb 28, 2016 #1
    I like to learn Physics related to my career. I'm a software Engineer with good development experience in Java.
    Looking to find ways how can I use Java with Physics
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Maybe start with Hyperphysics, and ask specific question you have after that reading here. :smile:
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    This Hyperphysics?
  5. Mar 12, 2016 #4
    I think HyperPhysics is combination of all subject of Physics... But Let me go narrowly.

    Which part of Physics concepts we can use in software development to develop a practical real application products.???
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    All of them, more-or-less. :wink: [Edit: Pretty much any gadget or piece of instrumentation these days that interacts with the real world has some sort of embedded, software-based algorithms.] I suppose it's all up to your creativity and imagination.

    Is there anything in particular you had in mind to create?
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    If you can be more specific, as collinsmark mentioned, we can give you some focused examples.

    However, off the top of my head I can think of one area of software that could use some love: RF design. Specifically, programs that implement E&M concepts. I've been using SEMCAD a lot for my senior project and find it incredibly frustrating to use at times. Something akin to Sonnet as far as ease-of-use/intuitiveness goes, but still lets me design things like co-planar waveguides1, would be great.

    1 Can't do this in Sonnet because you're unable to edit/manipulate the GND plane. =(
  8. Apr 15, 2016 #7
    ********BackGround Context to answer the below questions***********

    I'm interested in making

    1. Robots than can cook foods.
    2. Robots can help humans cultivate various crops.

    For software related stuff, I started studying Machine learning and algorithms.

    I studied Physics in high school in 2001, after that I have interest now to learn physics.

    ********BackGround Context to answer the below questions*****

    What Part of Physics need to be studied to construct such a robot to perform mechanics related stuff?. I looked into physics, it has such a broad area of subjects.

    My Thoughts arose after thinking about robots, raised questions in physics

    Question 1:
    To perform any actions in robots we need a motor or any device which giving output forces or movements.
    I like to invent some simple techniques to generate force or work(To make robot move like a human it requires 100's of motors).
    What Kind of Physics Subjects I need to study here(like magnets, current ?)

    Question 2:
    Vision related stuff, How make to robot to perceive vision like human.
    What Kind of Physics Subjects I need to study here ?(Like optics)

    Please answer the two questions!
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