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Interesting article from the Economist

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    I don't think anyone will find this surprising. And it's not unique to the labour market either...
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    Maybe not surprising but it's definitely not fair.
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    The conclusion of the article isn't quite right and I think intended to make things sound worse - applying for a job and failing to get it isn't decreasing your chances of getting a job, it's not having a job that does so. If you sat on the couch and didn't apply to that job you would still have a lesser job of getting a future job.

    The chief message should be apply early and apply often
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    I think the best sort of parenting and education teaches you that "life isn't fair" by age about 3, and "life isn't fair but I've figured out how to handle that" by age about 13.

    After that, it's downhill all the way :smile:
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