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Interpreting Gravitational Lensing Images?

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    I recently stumbled on the topic of gravitational lensing (GL) via an article in the Nov. 2001 issue of Sci Am magazine. I've since Googled the topic, and slightly enhanced my understanding of it. So far none of what I've read seems to interpret the resulting images. That is, they briefly describe what I'm looking at. Is there a source that annotates the images? I've seen a few descriptions that gives some mathematics about the images, but the math is a bit beyond my reach. I really want to know what I'm looking at. Sort of GL for dummies.
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    Gravitational lensing is the optical equivalent of light bending under the influence of gravity. It refracts and distorts images. See Stefans Quintet for an example.
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    I think I've found a book that suits what I'm after. Einstein's Telescope.
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