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Intersellar - NY Times article on its science

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    Today's _Out There_ column ( in the New York Times) by David Overby takes a look at the physics of _Interstellar_ and the reception thereof by various audiences.

    Interesting article. It can be found on page D1 of the print edition.

    Links- (One is the article's formal permalink, the other is a cut'n'paste from the web page... belt and suspenders):



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    Interesting article, I posted a thread on the book too. There's always a disconnect between the science and the story due to compression of events into a two hour format that can't be helped. So I look at it for what it is and enjoy the special effects as shown.

    I can't wait to see the movie,
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    I agree with Overbye that the 5 dimensional beings could be the ones that put the monoliths in 2001. But I don't think it is cheating. I think Interstellar is in part a reaction to the mysticism of 2001. Interstellar's message is, as Overbye says, "I'd rather stay at home". But home is not a specific location, it is family. Interstellar does argue for grand ideas like fundamental research and space exploration, but it argues against grandiose ideas like saving the human race or whatever the ending of 2001 means.
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