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Intro chem help! Visible light spectrum? and energy of photon? help!

  1. Mar 17, 2013 #1
    on a visible spectrum scale what are the numbers for the colors of ROYGBIV? for example is violet 400-500nm and red is 700-800nm? how about the other colors?

    If the energy of a photon is 2.63 x 10^-19 J, how can we tell what color this is? i was looking at this electromagnetic spectrum and it doesnt help me much.

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    One of my hw ques ask what is the wave length of 755nm and the answer is red.
    how is 755nm wavelength = red? the charts shows that red is only up to 700.
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    How people refer to color is somewhat subjective. However, I would probably call 755 nm light infrared rather than red.
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