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  1. A

    I Optics: How would you determine wavelength?

    If there is an light source that is emitting light with the wl of 450nm (blue) and it illuminated a low reflective red object. How would the wavelength be different then if the object was a white object or the emitted light is from a white led. How would we determine this. I am working on a...
  2. R

    I Refractive index as a function of the concentration of a sugar solution

    We recently performed an experiment with the idea to find refractive index of medium (water) as a function of wavelength of light. We then added some sugar to see how the refractive index changes with concentration of sugar solution. We got the following graphs. Are the relationships...
  3. clamatoman

    Diffraction Grating - all visible light?

    Homework Statement Find the smallest grating spacing that lets you see the entire visible spectrum. 400nm to 700nm comprises the visible light spectrum. no other information is given. Homework Equations nλ=d sin θ The Attempt at a Solution I am not sure how to start as all i have been given...