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Quantum Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Griffiths

  1. Jun 20, 2016 #1
    I want to study quantum mechanics for undergrad level, and found out really lots of people recommends "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J.Griffiths" which is
    Alright, so I visited my school book store for this cat-pictured book. and found

    this puzzle-pictured book. Same name same author. but not the cat one.

    Are these are same books?

    I am not in English-using country.
    Is it merely just a international edition?
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    I have read that these Pearson International copies of Griffiths texts are terrible. Poor quality binding, out of order, and in some cases missing entire chapters. David Griffith himself posted an apology on his website.

    It could just be the Electrodynamics that had this issue. But personally I would be wary.
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    Yes, the international edition is terrible. Many maths symbols are not printed properly or not printed at all.
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    There are two kinds of international editions - the ones that are printed in newsprint paper in India. Other than the paper quality, the book is actually decent and readable Here is how it looks. You can't beat the price $12.90

    However, the one in the second picture is possibly for the European market and is supposed to have much better paper.
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    Geez.. I never knew this book is that wrong.
    However it is really hard to get cat one in my country(too expensive or out of stocks in here s.korea), maybe I should look for other options.
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    Well, I'm not so sure about Griffiths's book, although I've never had too close a look at it. From discussions in this forums it however occurs to me that it is sometimes a bit sloppy in the math leading to some confusion, particularly for beginners. I personally still prefer Sakurai ##\geq 2^{\text{nd}}## edition (because it contains very nice additional chapters on interesting topics like the Aharonov-Bohm effect that are not contained in the 1st edition), from which I once started to learn QM in the theoretical-physics lecture course.
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