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Introductury thread, Nice to meet you PF

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    Hello guys I just wanted to say hi and introduce my self, my name is Albert I am currently doing my undergrad in Mechatronics engineering and this semester have a crazy electromagnetism professor and -_____- although I've been able to hold my own till know the test is coming and he gave us some sample problems just in case I signed up since the first problem already kind of threw me off well not only me but the whole class.. and I also hope that ill be able to help those that go trough what I already have n.n anyway nice to meet you all
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    When you post your problems, be sure to include your attempt - at least how you are attempting to reason your way through them. That will help us figure out how best to help you.

    Since you've been holding your own so far, you will be in a position to help others less advanced than you too.
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    Hi Albert - welcome to PF :smile:!
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    Welcome to PF Albert! :)
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    Gad, lisab: thank you I'm glad to be here (: Simon:I would be very glad to help in anyway I can, I was a TA for biology so I may be able to be of some help there too plus I'm usually pretty good at math. As far as the problems go I'll probably post them tomorrow along with the progress I have on them, I mean I get it there's just a couple of parts where he it doesn't quite add up but I'll sleep on it and again thank you all
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    Always nice to have new people. Welcome.
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