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B Investigation into electric guitar pickups

  1. Aug 22, 2016 #1

    I am currently taking the IB program and have decided to write my EE (extended essay [4,000 words]) in physics. I am going to investigate electric guitar pickups and I need help adding more 'depth' to the essay.

    Currently, I plan to create my own model pickup by winding a coil of enamel coated copper wire around a magnet, and seeing how it picks up sound from a vibrating string. I will be changing the amount of turns on the coil, as well as the cross sectional area of the coil to see how it affects the induced current. I also plan to experiment with how the position of the pickup along a string (on a sonometer, that is) affects the output.

    The topic question i have so far, is: How does pickup winding and pickup position along a string affect the tone and timbre of the signal? I am worried that there won't be enough to write about on a high school level. I plan to analyze the tone by looking at different frequency levels and harmonics in the signal, but I feel I need more physics in this physics essay, if that makes sense. Is this a good topic? What do you think i could expand on, or analyze more to create a better, and more scientific essay?

    Thank you.
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    It' a subject that gets much discussion on guitar groups so there is plenty to measure and talk about. All those things you have mentioned will make a difference to the tone and output of the pickup. Even the magnet material of the coil may have some effect. There are also single coil and humbucking pickups to consider.

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    Yes, remember your coil must be constructed by winding it around a magnet.
    If there is no magnetic field present then the coil won't produce any output at all.
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