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Iodine Clock Collision Theory Basic Question

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    Hey guys. Any chemistry experts around?

    I just did Persulfate variation of the iodine clock experiment.


    According to collision theory explained on this page, molecules need to hit each other in certain positions to react.

    Which molecule needs to hit which and in what direction in the iodine clock reaction?

    2I(aq) + S2O82−(aq) → I2 (aq) + 2SO42−(aq)


    I2 (aq) + 2S2O32−(aq) → 2I(aq) + S4O62−(aq)

    Thanks guys!
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    I doubt you will find an answer - reaction mechanisms are researched mostly in organic chemistry, in inorganic they are not that important, so they are usually ignored.

    Note that asking "which molecule needs to hit which" doesn't make much sense - they collide, so in a way each hits each.

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    Yeah sorry if that was worded poorly.

    Doesn't it have something to do with electrophilic addition or something though? The iodine being attracted to a positive bond somewhere (maybe the sulphur?). I really don't know but I sort of need to have an idea.

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