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Ionization resonant frequencies

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    Is it true that by finding exact resonant frequency we could ionize
    matter or split molecules?
    What is frequency to split water molecules into H+ and HO- ions?
    What is resonant frequency to split up hydrogen atom into
    proton and electron?
    Would spliting water molecule require less energy than to ionize
    hydrogen atom?How fast H+ and OH- ions are going to recombine
    if we will split them apart? Let`s say their temperature will be
    over 1000°C and it will be vapor?
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    There are many questions and I'm not qualified enough to give you the answers.
    However yes, an atom can be ionized if an enough energetic photon perturbs the electron as to make it leave the atom.
    For the hydrogen atom in ground state (I'm almost sure at 1000°C you can considerate the H atom in the ground state), you need a photon with an energy of at least 13.6 eV to ionize it.
    Using the relation [itex]E= \hbar \omega =13.6eV [/itex] you can determine the minimum frequency of the photon required to ionize the H atom in ground state. Any frequency higher than this one would also ionize the atom.
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    Probably resonant frequency is something that allows you to break down molecules
    without large energy consumption.It should work rather as a catalyst.
    I`m particulary interested in posibility to split water molecules down to free radicals
    with help of IF rays or electric corona discharge of a certain frequency.
    There is mentions that such thing is possible with help of IR rays.
    http://www.pure-pro.com/infrared_filter.htm"I know this is just promotion but there is more
    serious mentions of such effect.I would be glad to know what is probability of
    ionization if we irradiate small hot water vapor cloud with IF laser of certain frequency.
    What is % of water molecules that will ionize instantly?And how much energy it
    will require?
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    I know this is an older thread and I've been searching throughout the forum for an application that has been haunting me for many years now. Given your thought/question of whether or not a resonant frequency (resF)can break down molecules, my theory is that once you are able to determine the exact resF of the molecule/matter, a harmonic condition will be induced upon it. Such as inducing a 440Hz tone on a 440Hz tuning fork will cause it to vibrate, yet you will be able to control the intensity of the vibrations simply by the strength of the signal you induce upon the fork. Thusly, my questions arise concerning human tissue and resonant frequency Medical applications:

    1. How can one determine the exact resonant frequency, say of the human Pituitary Gland?
    2. Does the resF differ from individual?
    3. Does the resF change over areas you focus on due to tissue density/makeup?
    4. Given a healthy portion of a Human Pituitary Gland and a Cancerous portion, will the resF's change dramatically?
    5. If so, would it be possible to determine the resF of a Healthy and Cancerous gland, induce the RF at a certain intensity and theoretically cause a breakdown of the Cancerous cells in such an environment as not to subject the cells or patient to radioactive waves, but to a radio frequency that would have no negative effect?

    If this is possible, consider the impact this could have in the Medical field. I've had this in my mind since the 80s and just can't get it out of my head.

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    Lew ; that is a very interesting application....and it has been in use for some time now in treating cancerous tumors, etc. Non -invasively (IOW, without surgery) . However, it uses ULTRA_SOUND frequencies . Not completely approved yet in the USA.
    ..and is now commonly called Focused Ultra Sound;

    Basic working principles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-intensity_focused_ultrasound

    These guys can put you in touch with the latest: http://www.fusfoundation.org/

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    Thanks Creator, I certainly appreciate your reply and links for information!!

    Dang, seems like everytime I think of something like that, someone else has already come up with a useful application...always too late. OR, maybe I should jump on it and copyright my idea or sell it to someone before anyone else works out a useful product. Don't get me wrong, not trying to be a gold-digger or money grubber, I would just like to be able to say, someday, "I made that" or "That was my idea and it is now being used in poor countries to help feed and clothe millions!"

    Like, sell the idea/concept for practically nothing compared to the immeasurable results to help all of mankind...ALL OF MANKIND!!!
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