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Ionizing air purifiers and arcing

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    Ionizing air purifiers like the Ionic Breeze advertised on TV have charged plates and charged wires running parallel to each other. Dust in the air collects on the plates, and oxygen in the air is converted to ozone. As the plates collect more and more dust, arcing begins to happen between the plates and the wires since dust is a better conductor than air.

    What I want to know is how does arcing affect the usefulness of my Ionic Breeze? Voltage should be unafffected while amperage should increase. Should it collect more dust or less dust? Will it make more ozone or less ozone?
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    Dont quote me on this,

    but I would say that arcing increases the amount of ozone emitted from the device, due to more energy available in contact with air to cleave oxygen gas.

    However, the plates will probably continue to attract dust, possible until there is such a thick cover that O2 is unable to contact the current, and ozone production decreases.

    Just a guess......
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