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Iranian is first woman to nab highest prize in maths

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    Full professor of Stanford at the age of 31, the first woman to win the "Nobel prize of mathematics".



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    From wmac's wiki link:

    Wow, she's not even 40 yet! She's an extraordinary person.
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    The stipulation of the fields medal is it must be awarded to young mathematicians so everyone who recieves it is below that age. But good for her. She is clearly both hard working and incredibly brilliant which is the perfect combination. These IMO medalists are ridiculously talented people and for her to be IMO brilliant and research brilliant is plain awesome.
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    She's my friend's friend! That's why I was so excited!
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    Quite a remarkable thing to wake up to.

    She really likes surfaces. Anyone know specifics of her research?
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    Check the wiki page, I guess it points to publications etc.
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    Its good to see people from my country getting that high in science. I hope I'll see more. In fact I hope I'll be one such person!
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    Does anyone on this forum understand the work of this person?
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