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Is a B.Sc-PCM student eligible to do M.Sc in Neuroscience?

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    I am a PCM (Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics) B.Sc student. Will I be eligible to study M.Sc in Neuroscience? What is the scope of the subject? What are the best places to study? What are the scholarships I can look for? Which exams should I write?

    I want to have practical study of brain, are there other courses (except the one mentioned above) suitable for me?

    Thank you.
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    @Choppy: Can you help me here please?
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    Hi Vinay080,

    I'm not an expert in neuroscience although I have done some work with neuroscientists. What I know is that neuroscience is a fairly broad field and so they can take candidates from a number of different disciplines, although the details are likely to vary from program to program and even project to project.

    Your first step should be to search out a few institutions that are doing work that you're interested in. Every program should post admission requirements somewhere. There it will be clear which programs require the GRE, for example, and what kind of financial assistance is possible. And then, if you have further specific questions, just email the department.
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