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Is calc 1 more similar to calc 2 or calc 2 similar to calc 3

  1. Mar 29, 2016 #1
    I'm going to have a gap between math classes at some point. I can either take calc 1, then calc 2 the following semester, then have a semester gap with no math, and then calc 3.

    Or calc 1, no math gap, calc 2, calc 3.

    The reason im asking is because i will forget some information in the gaps, but for example if calc 1 has nothing to do with calc 2, then i would have my gap between that.

    So would it be better to have the gap between calc 1 and 2 or between 2 and 3?
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    Fill the gaps because otherwise YOU WILL FORGET SOME INFORMATION. Take the gap of attending Calculus course work any time you want; but you will either need to review what you have studied or study ahead for the course in which you enroll after the gap.
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    Which is not the case at all!!
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