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Is Chemical engineering the same as Chemical Technology

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    The title is self explanatory.
    Thank you
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    Engineering and Technology overlap, but aren't the same. Engineering deals with the application of advanced science and math to design some device, system, or product. Technology deals with the application of basic science and technologies to build that device, system, or product. Education is a key difference. Chemical Engineers have a good deal of coursework in Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemisty, or Organic Chemistry along with classes in Mass transport, Thermodynamics, Bioprocessing, or Reactor Design. Chemical Technologists may take Gen Chem I & II, Physics, Technical Chemistry, Instrumentation, and Analytical Analysis.

    Put it this way; A chemical engineer is in the laboratory developing a new drug for BioX Pharmaceuticals. His team has been at work some time now trying to synthesize the new drug, and finally one day has a breakthrough. After patenting, having the medical scientists perform trials, and getting the FDA to approve the new drug BioX decides to put it into production. The engineer, working alongside other engineers, may develop an automatic system to manufacture the drug. Someone has to monitor the manufacturing system; program the machines, make sure they are working well, and replace the chemicals needed to manufacture the drug. That's where the Technologist comes in and that's what they do, depending on the level of their education. Some techs may just program or maintain the machines and chemicals. Others are in management positions, sales, and applied engineering. Still, others may work as lab assistants to the engineers.. working the instruments, setting up experiments, and collecting data. This is what most chem techs probably do.
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