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B Is everything binary on macroscopic level

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    is everything binary on macroscopic level ?
    I know on quantum level there are multiple states, instead of binary.
    I can't find any studies, it seems like everything is binary on macro level, light-dark, death-life...
    So what would be opposite of iron, or wood, for example ? I can't think of anything.
    Is there a proof that everything is binary on macroscopis level, or proof that would refute that isn't thanks.
    What i mean by macroscopic, i don't know exactly where macroscopis level starts for 100%, but i think larger than moleculer is considered macroscopic.
    Thanks for answer.
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    The answer is no.

    Just because we have words like hot/cold, that doesn't mean physics is binary. Confine your thoughts to the temperature example to keep it simple. Can't you imagine many more than two temperatures?
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    Since you can't think of anything for those examples, then you cannot really say that everything seems like binary, can you? And you can't think of anything for a good reason, because there isn't any.
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    The two responses above pretty much say it all, so this thread is closed.
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