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Is Healthcare 530,000 years ago something to be proud of?

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    The ancient remains of a 10 year old human child reveal that even our earliest ancestors looked after the handicapped and mentally impaired in difficult times. The prehistory of compassion
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    The discovery was made in Spain, down the Sima de Los Huesos - "the Pit of Bones". Located at the bottom of a 137 foot deep chimney inside a cave, the pit is littered with remains of ancient animals and also includes about 28 hominid skeletons dating back to the Middle Pleistocene.

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    Interesting article. I'll leave it here for awhile, but ultimately I'll be moving it to Social Science/Anthropology.
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    Good thinking Evo..

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    I wonder if they too had perpetually angry cave-people grumpling about these people and their 'welfare near-machines' -- and cave-organizations that refused to help them at all because they suffered from 'pre-existing conditions'?

    Naturally those 'people' that helped their fellows were often called cave-huggers and accused of not supporting the homo-sapien troops in the Nethanderal Wars.
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