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B Is Higgs field present everywhere?

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    I've doubt. I read on Wikipedia that, higgs field is thought to be present everywhere in universe. Is it even present by my side? If yes why am I not gaining mass. Please clear my doubts!
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    Yes. Like all fields, the Higgs field is everywhere.

    The Higgs field does not predict that you should gain mass. It predicts that a certain set of elementary particles have mass. If there was no Higgs field, electrons would be massless and you could not exist.

    Note: Do not abuse the AIB tags. This is clearly not an A-level thread. A-level means you have a graduate student level understanding and want answers tailored to that level. I have changed the tag to B.
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    Orodruin's answer is good. To add, the very definition of a field is something that has a value (and zero is a possible value) everywhere in space and time. So it doesn't really make sense to talk about where a field is.

    PS Do you have a doctorate? If you don't, why do you call yourself doctor?
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    My brother named it. Not me!
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    Oh sorry I did not know about tags
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