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Is it frowned upon to take a week off of an REU?

  1. Jan 1, 2015 #1
    My family plans to go on vacation for one week starting the same day as an REU for which I very much would like to apply. I understand REUs typically have deadlines during the program, and the dates are usually planned out for everything. Is it common to take a week off of one? Also importantly, will it affect my chances if I make a note that I would not be able to start until a week later?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Yes, it is frowned upon. You are taking the spot of someone who could get more out of the program because she can be there the whole time. There are also things that are scheduled for the first week - things like safety orientations - that you would be making the institution repeat, just for you.
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    I wouldn't take the first week off, as you'd miss out on both orientation as well as bonding with the other people in the REU, which can be half the experience. One of my friends took a week off in the middle of my REU and arranged to be paid less; however, he was part of a prestigious scholarship program and had volunteered to mentor new people in the program during their 1-week summer conference.
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    Thank you for your answers. I will look into my options and ways to avoid the situation should they accept me.
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    A lot of the time you need to make sacrifices in your personal life to be successful. I think this is the case with this vacation. If it is just a fun vacation, I suggest you skip it for the REU.
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