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Is it possible for me to get into a good school in Iowa

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    I have a pretty bad High school gpa because I mostly screwed around during high school and it clearly is costing me some time. It was around 2.0. My act score suffered because of my lack of trying during high school and only received a composite score of 23. With math being my highest 26 and science being my second with a 24.

    Now I Have taken a year at a community college and and have a gpa of about 3.8 for my college level courses about 32 credits from that year. I have a interest in majoring in physics and have taken class's that focus around that major for when I get into a 4 year school. My question is does anyone think I can get into a school such as Iowa State or The university of Iowa with these kind of high school grades and my current college grades showing how much I have turned around and matured to focus on my life?
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    Only way to find out is to apply. You have nothing to lose. Definitely highlight the past year and talk about how much you have matured. Northern Iowa is a place to look too.
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