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Is it possible to be a physicist for mechanic and electronic Engineers?

  1. Mar 26, 2006 #1
    Hello everybody,I am from China,and I majored in mechanic and electronic in a college. now I want to devotee myself to physic. Anybody experienced,do you think it is possible and wish you some advice.
    Thanks for reply,my e-mail is daifeili@163.com:rofl:
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  3. Mar 26, 2006 #2
    you're now studying in electronic college and want also to have physics course , is that what you meant?! if yes, it's a very great idea , why not?
    I don't think that physics studies interference with electronic studying.

    for me i'm studying electronic engineering but still undergraduated . As you referred to your e-mail , here's mine: abdoz300@hotmail.com

    still discussing ...
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