What is Electronic: Definition and 441 Discussions

Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and/or space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target communication, radar, or other assets (military and civilian).

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  1. andymag

    Unknown electronic component

    Hi guys, I am trying to make sense of an electronic component, but have found nothing on the internet. Does anyone know what this component with the label " R22CC1" is? The half cylinder shaped part ist rotating. Thanks a lot in advance. Bests Andy
  2. C

    Chemistry Understanding electronic configuration

    I don't really understand this electronic configuration of a thing. Suppose I want show the electronic configuration of calcium, how do I show it? Is like this 2, 8, 8, 2 or $$1s^22s^22p^63s^23p^64s^2$$
  3. BillTre

    Electronic Meetings and Posters

    I am thinking of "attending" a virtual meetings that has virtual posters. It seems kind of weird, but could be useful and convenient if it works well. And it free! I have not done this before and would like to hear about other peoples experiences: 1) I am wondering about how the posters work...
  4. engnrshyckh

    Object detector using ultrasonic sensor with 555 timer

    See the attached figure. I used 220uF with buzzer and also tried 10uF capacitor but buzzer isn't loud enough. I don't have any 3.3pf capacitor. I used 1.1 pF instead. I also tried changing the resistance of potentiometer but still buzzer isn't sound loud enough.
  5. nouha

    A Understand Electronic Dispersion: Definition & Examples

    I am not being able to understand what is the electronic dispersion exactly, I have came across it in few papers and I haven't find any resource that explained it clearly and simply. I've came across 'the electronic dispersion is linear' and 'electronic dispersion is parabolic' and some graphs...
  6. guyvsdcsniper

    Vibrational Levels in Molecular Electronic State

    ##K = \frac{N}{m} = \frac{3eV}{bondlength^2} = \frac{4.806*10^-19 J}{(2*10^-10)^2} = 12.015## Then I know that ##H = \frac{1}{2}mωx^2 ## where ## k = mω^2 ## and also ##H=ħω(n+\frac{1}{2}) ## Therefore, ## \frac{1}{2}kx^2 = ħω(n+\frac{1}{2})## Solving for n, ## n = \frac{1/2kx^2}{ħω} -...
  7. Solid-Statist

    Thermal Dissipation of High-Power Electronic Subassemblies

    High-power electronic subassemblies – housing CPU or power-conversion semiconductors, for instance – require significant thermal dissipation to keep their chip-junction temperatures at or below their maximum operating temperature. (As a rule-of-thumb, every 10oC increase in junction temperature...
  8. T

    I Question about Electronic Band Structure

    According to this Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_band_structure the discrete energy levels of an isolated atom split into N levels in a macroscopic crystalline lattice (N being the number of atoms in the lattice) forming essentially continuous bands from the discrete...
  9. electronic engineer

    Electronic Engineering Projects

    Hello, I'm just open to new ideas about Electronics. For some reason or another, I loved this community. I want to participate in discussions about Electronics but I want something constructive, new ideas. I'm located in Europe so it would also nice to meet with other members here and share...
  10. R

    MTW Gravitation Electronic Notebook

    I would like to exercise the formulations in the book. I have read Gravitation and many others but I need to do more exercises. I get very bogged down in writing out the symbols. Are there electronic solutions for writing and exercising these equations? I have used Mathcad to perform...
  11. J

    Electronics Will this electronic circuit work? (back-to-back polar capacitors)

    All I need is for someone to look at my schematic and tell me if this circuit will work. Thanks.
  12. paradisePhysicist

    Electronic air vacuum needed?

    Hi I purchased a vacuum container on amazon, the type with the glass and rubber lid. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money to buy an electronic air vacuum so I just bought a hand pump instead. Only problem is the hand pump doesn't seem to create a vacuum, even though I verified the hand pump...
  13. B

    A Question of Electronic Live Image Magnification

    I have a difficult to articulate question about digital microscopes. I was reminded by my post in the STEM toys thread when I mentioned the Eyeclops. How does one define what strength something is magnified at when you can cast the live image onto monitors of various sizes? An image magnified...
  14. I

    Help me revise (basic electronic circuits questions)

  15. fresh_42

    AI meets Chemistry in solving electronic Schrödinger equation

    Abstract: The electronic Schrödinger equation can only be solved analytically for the hydrogen atom, and the numerically exact full configuration-interaction method is exponentially expensive in the number of electrons. Quantum Monte Carlo methods are a possible way out: they scale well for...
  16. B

    Electronic video clips that are not common knowledge, yet crucial

    How did you find PF?: Google Search 1) Have created YouTube video clips about electronics, cochlear implants, and Robert's Rules of Order => https://NDAcademy.FoxPing.com/. The electronics covers topics industry needs (zero theory). Starts at middle school grade level, ends at college level...
  17. Rzbs

    I Importance of the energy gap in electronic transport properties

    In the solid state physics by Ashcroft & Mermin, in chapter 9 there is a paragraph that I would be grateful if anyone could explain it more for me. The paragraph is: As it said in chapter 12 it will be seen. I read chapter 12 but unfortunately I can't understand what exactly it want to say...
  18. M

    Photon emission in electronic transitions

    How would you explain, on a basic level, why only one photon (as opposed to two, three...) is emitted when an electron in an atom changes its energy level? This is for students with only introductory Physics background.
  19. gumby4231

    Encasing an electronic prototype

    I'm new to this type of thing(entering the third year of electrical engineering) and could use some advice. I am working for my school and have assembled some components(Single Board Computers, a buck converter, Linear Servo, etc) for our design. We want to test the design in a three weeks. I...
  20. f95toli

    Experience of electronic lab notebook systems?

    I was wondering if someone has any experience of using a "large-scale" ELN system for experimental physics (mainly)? That is, ELNs that are used throughout an organisation to ensure compliance, proper handover etc Where I work there is now a discussion about buying a site-wide ELN to replace...
  21. Kaushik

    General electronic configuration of the d and f block elements

    Is it ##(n-1)d^{1->10}ns^2 \ or \ (n-1)d^{1->10}ns^{0->2}## ? My textbook says it is the latter. But I feel like it should be the former. Moreover, period 6 and 7 has the presence of f-orbitals. So adding## (n-2)f^{0->14}## would make it more general. Isn't it? And also what about the f-block...
  22. J

    A Circuit with Nonlinear Element—finding element's current & voltage

    I don't really understand or see the correct way to approach this. Letting the current in question be ##i_x## (as shown in Fig. 1), and the unknown (changing) resistance be $R_x$, I can write: ##-V_s + R_s i_s + i_x R_x = 0##, and ##R_p i_p = i_x R_x##. Hence we can also write ##-V_s + R_s i_s...
  23. Boltzman Oscillation

    Engineering How should an H bridge circuit be analyzed?

    If I am given an H bridge circuit such as that below: How would I go on analyzing it? I would personally replace all of the transistors by their circuit models but then what would I do with the motor? Do I replace the motor with it's load resistance or is there more to it? I guess motors are...
  24. K

    Other Upper division undergraduate electronics and circuits textbooks

    Hello everyone, I am in an upper division undergraduate electronics and circuits class right now and the textbook that were using (Eggleston: basic electronics for scientists and engineers) is not resonating with me. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a textbook that explains...
  25. R

    A Can I get electronic copies of the original QM papers?

    Hello, Is it possible to read the original, ground-breaking, pioneering papers of Quantum Mechanics - the papers by Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Louis De Brogile et al? In the form of electronic copy or a pdf format? I suppose the original 'copyrights' have expired and they should...
  26. L

    Engineering Recommended electronic components books

    hello, I am new here, nice to meet you here. I want to learn knowledge related to electronic components, can you recommend me some books or online website for me to study? thanks in advance
  27. J

    Engineering Calculating the gap of a parallel plate capacitor

    I've been given this question for my TMA2, I've tried looking at the learning material but it gives no information on how to calculate the gap? Does anyone have a formula for this? Or can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  28. cynth

    A Fermi surface and electronic correlations

    why an increase of fermi pockets leads to a reduction of electronic correlations
  29. cynth

    A Electronic band structure of iron superconductor BaFe2As2

    how can I determinate the electronic structure of a multiband system? for example in the case of the superconductor BaFe2As2 , the electronic properties are as known dominated by 5 Fe d states at the fermi energy, so 5 bands cross the Fermi level and form 5 Fermi surface sheets (if we consider...
  30. geoelectronics

    Are electronic and nuclear binding energies a + or - number?

    Please explain the difference between mass deficit and nuclear binding energy and is there a relationship? Thanks Geo
  31. JamesBennettBeta

    Finding the Open Circuit Voltage

    Problem Statement: While KLM points remain connected, the connection between points XY is removed. Calculate the potential difference between points XY in this situation. Relevant Equations: V=IR, KVL
  32. G

    Controlling an electronic load across two ground domains

    Please refer to the simplified circuit in the attached figure. The overall goal is to control the current through sense resistor R1 by adjusting a reference voltage V2, thus creating an electronic load where the power is dissipated in Q1. All load current is returned locally in the isolated loop...
  33. N

    Programs Which field of study teaches how to make electronic components

    Hello everyone, I was wondering which field of study teaches how to make electronic components. For example, I would like to learn how to make resistors, caps, led, transistors... I have more or less of the theory, such as what the Dirac gaps are, if we talk about semiconductor... But what I...
  34. D

    How should i start learning how to build an electronic oscillator?

    How should I start learning how to Build an electronic oscillator? Any voltage will do. It drives a led. Target frequency I 1000 hertz.
  35. Muhammad Usman

    How is the Aging of Electronic Equipment determined?

    I am working in telecom company and they told me that they installed new system and then they told me the equipment will be EOS (End of Service) after 5 years. I was wondering that how the electronics equipment's age is calculated. If I strictly categorize my questions and explain the confusion...
  36. GoodPost

    Help me make my first electronic device

    Hello all. I'm a guy with big interest into electronics. I have multiple ideas that want to realize in real devices but yet I have only my introduction course in electronics I studied in college as a background. As a first step I want to make an easy electronic device but I have no idea where...
  37. kenneththo85431

    Describing Electronic orbit in 3D space using A matrix.

    I've plotted out the trajectory of an imaginary electron in 3D; next I represent it's points with the matrix A(x1 y1 z1) "throughout it's orbit": ( -1/2 -1 1 ( -2 -1.5 2 (-1/2 2 3...
  38. akaliuseheal

    Use of transistors to turn on an LED

    Homework Statement Hello, I have got input from comparator op amp which gives HIGH or LOW. Based upon that, one of two LEDs needs to light up. Two LEDs should't be ON at the same time. Calculations are not needed, only the schematics. Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution I am not...
  39. Yahyaoui Fawzia

    Why do we calculate vertical electronic affinity?

    Hello, I find a expression to calculate vertical electronic affinity I wouled like to know the utility of the latter ? what is the difference between adiabatic and vertical electronic affinity? Thank you
  40. U

    How to calculate triac angle to set desired RMS voltage

    Hi, I would like to implement voltage regulator based on microcontroller + triac. I am able to calculate source RMS voltage by sampling signal using ADC, but don't know how to calculate triac angle to set desired RMS voltage. For example i have 250v source RMS voltage and i need to calculate...
  41. K

    Electronic Circuits: Capacitors and switches

    Homework Statement They give the following circuit. Each capacitor is 50*10^-6 [F], the Resistors are 2[Ω], and the Voltage is 5[V]. In the first step the close only the 1st switch and let the capacitor to be charged. I've found that the charge is 2.5*10^-6 [C]. (using the equation Q = V*C)...
  42. C

    Electronic Gain in Amplifiers

    Homework Statement FIGURE 1 shows the block diagram of a superhetrodyne radio receiver. In a test a 20 μV signal was fed from the aerial into the first stage of the receiver, a radio frequency amplifier. This signal is the passed through several stages of the receiver to eventually appear at...
  43. J

    Engineering I don't know what this electronic circuit does

    I have a homework question that asks me to draw up a truth table for the attached circuit. As you can see I did this (I think correctly). There is also an attached question asking what function the circuit serves - I am not sure what function this is Any pointers appreciated.
  44. suhruth

    Studying Electronic properties of materials in reduced dimensions

    I Had been given an assignment on electronic properties of materials in reduced dimension as mentioned above so I have been given another option to choose whether it to be a theoretical approach or experimental approach which one should I choose.
  45. K

    Interpretation of electronic bands in a solid

    Homework Statement The exercise asks many questions about the following E(k) diagram, but I'm more interested in understanding some basic things about it, from which I'm sure i'll be able to find the answers I'm requested. 1) What do the bands actually correspond to? Is the lowest band...
  46. J

    Continuous-time loop computer for NP problems?

    In NP problems we can cheaply (polynomial time) test if a given input is satisfying, but the difficulty is that there is an exponential number of possible inputs - the question is if e.g. there is a satisfying input. Imagine there is a simple hardware implementation of verifier (e.g. in form of...
  47. M

    Photon Energy that can Produce an Electronic Transition

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data After thinking over your beloved but erratic instructor’s lectures on the Bohr model of the atom, you come to the sad but inevitable conclusion that he has, yet again, lied to you. You have been taught that to make an electronic...
  48. F

    Mechanical equivalents of electronic things?

    Only recently, just 2-3 years ago, I discovered Mechanical TV, Mechanical amplifier. I was pleasantly surprised. Mechanical TV was invented by Beard. Mechanical amplifier uses air pump to amplify the sound, completely avoiding any electronics. Also, it seems there exists mechanical frequency...