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Testing Is it possible to get 90% average in your final year exams?

  1. May 25, 2016 #1
    Hi guys, new member here.

    I am entering my final year of university and really want to give it my best shot. Have people on here or anywhere else ever got 90% or above average in their module marks for final year? My final year involves optics, solid state physics, statistical mechanics, advanced quantum physics, fundamentals of biophysics and nanotechnology and medical imaging.

    In the first year someone in my year got an average of 89% but I was wondering if this can be replicated in the final year too, despite it being much harder, and if anyone has done it before?
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    Why would it not be possible?

    A lot has to do with the detail of your school and your professors. Usually such grades aren't handed out easily, but unless your professors all have policies of never assigning a grade above 89% then sure it's possible.

    I suspect the greater question you're really interested in is what you have to do to achieve such a GPA. And the answer to that lies in taking a lard look at what you've had success with up until this point. If you've been pulling down marks in the 80s then pulling yourself up over the 90 line is likely possible with more effort on the stuff that's worked before. If you're down in the 60s, you've got a much larger chasm to cross and holes in your foundation to fill, which make such a goal less realistic.
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    It sounds like you are in the UK. I did an MSc there and from what I could tell, 70% is considered the highest grade level that you can achieve (70-100 is grouped into the same category). What I experienced was that the professors would try to find small errors in your work to bring the grade significantly down so that there werent lots of people with 80+%. I think the top one or two students in my class may have gotten 90+% only on two or three assignments throughout the entire MSc, and never on the exams. I am not even sure if it is possible to get a 100% in a UK module.
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