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Is it possible to get just one photon from just one atom?

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    when I say one atom, I mean literally just one atom isolated and if so how would you measure it?
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    measure what? The number of photon? the photon's energy? something else?
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    just measure that one single photon had been emitted. :wink:
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    I'm not quite familiar with this but I guess there have been a number of single photon detectors available out there.
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    A Google search for "single atom photon source" turned up this:


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    unfortunately it's a pay for article, I found the answer in physics of atoms and molecules (2nd ed) pg 944, the one atom laser, they used barium in an atomic beam oven. I still don't know if it's just temperature or magnetic resonance if have a lot of learning to do but I have to do it in order so this isn't that much of a priority right now it just seemed interesting thanks for the article.
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    Since we don't know where you are, it is difficult to provide any kind of recommendation on how to get such an article. Please note that most major public libraries in the US, and practically most college campuses will have on-site access to these journals.

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    I'm in Cambridge, md. there isn't a uni close and I don't think the local library um :rolleyes:, well lets just say I'm stuck in a backwards town right now. will be moving to Fairfax, va in 10 months so hopefully they'll be more resources.
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    You might try inter-library loan.
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    will do, thanks.
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