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Is it possible to label the Debye temperature on a graph of

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    Resistivity. Take this graph for example, is the Debye temperature relavant here? Would the Debye temperature be the point where the semiconductor starts to become like a metal? i.e. where the curve goes from minimum to linear?


    I understand the heat capacity relation i.e. from T^3 to 3nNk but struggling with the resistivity relation.
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    This temperature is related to the excitation energy of the donors.Why do you think it will be related to Debye temperature?
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    We have done several derivations that have different results for temperatures below and above the debye temperature. But I'm struggling to relate it to the resistivity of a material. Are you saying it would not represent anything significant on the above graph?

    thanks for the reply!
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    Derivations of what?
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    Einstein’s approximation for the lattice contribution to the heat capacity
    Phonon contribution to the thermal conductivity with the temperature
    Electron-Phonon scattering: contribution to thermal electronic transport relaxation
    Electron-Phonon scattering: contribution to charge electronic transport relaxation
    Debye’s model for the lattice contribution to the heat capacity

    All these for high and low debye temperatures
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