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Is mechanical engineering good choice for me?

  1. Jun 18, 2015 #1
    I like maths & also like physics. So can i make career in mech. engineering ?

    I am not good at programming. So if I wish to take computer engineering, it is good choice ?

    Please suggest best engineering branches. I'm very confused.
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    If you like math and physics, why not major in physics? Why do you prefer engineering?

    There is nothing wrong with this, but it will help us get a better picture of what may be best for you.
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    Find out where people have gotten jobs after getting degrees you are considering. Get magazines like Physics Today and Engineering Today and various other things like that. Google and your school librarian will probably be helpful. These are the "happy gossip" magazines of the topic. Find the edition that talks about where recent graduates got jobs.

    Then see which of those jobs makes you say "Bingo!" And which of those jobs make you go "Ick! No Thanks!" This will give you some help on what degrees, at what schools, to be applying to.

    Also, Google-up some universities and see what their web pages tell you about where recent grads have gone. See anything you like?

    Look around the university web sites and see if you can find their course catalog. See if the degree programs for various degrees have classes you find interesting. How does the idea of spending 4 years studying those things make you feel?

    Find out about scholarships. Many of them will not consider you if you do not apply. Find out what scholarships you can apply for and have a chance of getting. An extra few $thousand might tip your ideas about which degree at which school you apply for.

    You being "not good at programming" might be a result of your ability. But at a high school level it is also possible you just had a teacher who didn't light you up. Don't give it up instantly. Programming can be helpful at many science and technology activities. Take another try at it.
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