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I Is "Pair Production" a creation event?

  1. Apr 28, 2016 #1
    Okay, please forgive what seems to be a religious debate cause I assure you it is not. I am merely seeking your opinion on an exchange.

    Now, I said that pair production is an "example of creation that requires no conscious act". To this example my opponent said the following:

    “Matter creation is the process inverse to particle annihilation. It is the COVERSION of massless particles into one or more massive particles. This process is the time reversal of annihilation. Since all known massless particles are bosons and the most familiar massive particles are fermions, usually what is considered is the process which converts two bosons (e.g. photons) into two fermions (e.g., an electron–positron pair). This process is known as pair production”
    "It is a natural occurrence, it can’t occur unless the conditions are right, and it works on Energy conservation laws as well as momentum conservation laws. "
    " It can’t occur in empty space, it can’t occur when the conditions are provided."

    He argues that this is an example of a conversion of energy to matter (even though I've already been explained here that energy is not a thing but a property, bear with me ). But isn't that the case everywhere? Things merely change shape, they don't just appear out of "nothing".

    Are there other types of "creation" events in physics? As far as I remember all of them refer to some sort of conversion.
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    This is not a scientific topic. It is just a semantic argument about the definition of the word "creation". Your definition allows creation from something his definition requires creation from nothing.

    This cannot be resolved by science. It can only be resolved by agreement to use the same dictionary.

    Thread closed.
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